May 19 2023

We are happy to report the Boston Dyke March is now a 501c3! You can donate at our Paypal

Below you'll find into for the 2023 March

The 2023 Boston Dyke March

The March is Friday June 9th starting at around 6:30PM at the Parkman Bandstand. Below you'll find info on the schedule, our detailed COVID policies, our performers, and the set-up on the common.

Please note the Boston Dyke March is a Mask Required event!


6:30PM - Pre-march Programming Starts

7:00PM - March Kicks Off

~7:45PM - Post-March Programming Starts

9:30PM - Event Ends

Performers and Speakers


The Dead Friends Club

4 nonbinary individuals looking at the camera. From left to right: a light brown skinned femme nonbinary person stands with one leg up on a bar. They have shoulder length bleached hair. Next is a lighter skinned black person with natural hair sitting on a pipe/railing and staring at the camera. A long-haired white nonbinary person stands behind them, holding thier hand. Finally a white nonbinary person with chin-length brown curly hair and an open shirt leans into the group. They are all in front of a wall covered in ivy.

The Dead Friends Club is an all-non-binary, POC-fronted alt rock band that sings about sapphic love and queer community. They consist of Blake Campbell (they/them) on vocals, Riley Greenstein (they/she) on guitar, Nyx Hauth (they/them) on harp, Chris Beller (they/them) on drums and a rotating bassist

Miss Bones

the band wearing togas or similarly flowing clothes, including an asian masculine person with visible top surgery scars, a femme white person in orange with long dark hair, an asian masculine person, and a white masculine person with long blonde hair tied back

Made up of June Isenhart, Jonah Ko, Jasper Park, Mat Blum, and Otto Klammer, Miss Bones is a sentient pile of flesh and feelings that was discovered frozen in the ice by members of a US Antarctic research station in the year 1982. Since then they have learned to play instruments and be gay, and not much else.

Nicole Springer

a long haired white woman with glasses wearing a leather jacket and holding a guitar

World class musician Nicole Springer is a 3 octave range singer, award winning songwriter, and passionate guitarist with a sound and style all her own. Her original music garnered her 4 nominations as Best of Kansas City 2022 and her musicianship awarded her two contracts with The Royal Caribbean as an entertainer. Her music is genre defying but rooted in soulful pop. Each song is personal and performed at globally recognized levels of talent including the opportunity to open for lesbian icon Melissa Etheridge in 2021.


Nnenna Loveth

A Black femme with red braids sits next to flowers in a flowy dress

Nnenna Loveth (they/them) is a queer Igbo poet, dancer, and facilitator who descends of a powerful ancestry. Nnenna resides on occupied Massachusett territory, colonially known as Boston, MA. They speak to conjure and connect. When they witness their ancestors are pleased. Nnenna is proud to share that they published their debut chapbook, Already Knew You Were Coming, with Game Over Books in January of 2022. They can be found on instagram or on their forthcoming website.

BAGLY Youth Performer: Monterey Rojas

A queer POC with short hair sitting cross-legged in front of a smiling rainbow

Monterey Rojas is a queer person of color and a Youth Leader at BAGLY. He considers himself a writer and has written many poems that he shares with his friends. In their spare time they enjoy reading, spending time with friends, and working through his latest hyperfixation (currently it’s collages). He hopes to one day publish his writing in order to share it with many more people.



We are finalizing our Keynote due to a last-minute change

COVID Policies

General Mask Policies

  1. Keeping the March safe and accessible for ALL is one of our core values
  2. The risks of COVID are still not understood and we MUST make the March a safe space
  3. You can still catch COVID outdoors, so we ask you to mask in designated areas, on the March, and whenever you cannot social distance

On the March

  1. We ask that you wear a mask AT ALL TIMES while on the March
  2. N95, KN95, or KF94 style masks are preferred and help keep everyone safe
  3. Dyke Patrol will have a limited number of masks, but please bring one

On the Common

While on the Common, we're asking everyone to please mask:

  1. while on the grass in front of the stage
  2. on the pathways
  3. by the Merch tent & all tables

Outside of these areas, please mask where you cannot social distance

Accessibility Vehicle Mask Policies

Occupants and driver will be provided a 3M Aura mask before entering the vehicle

Occupants and driver are required to wear the provided n95 mask at all times while in the vehicle

Occupants and driver are not allowed to remove their mask for any reason due to the high risk of infection in an enclosed space

Accessibility Vehicle Mask Alternatives

We recognize some folks have masking needs that will require an alternative mask.

Requests to wear an alternative mask can be submitted by emailing, DM'ing, or otherwise reaching out to the Dyke March by 10pm EST on June 2nd.

Requests must include the brand, model id, and purchase location so that the mask can be evaluated.

Requests for alternative masking options will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

The Boston Dyke March may refuse to make exceptions for any reason, due to the high risks associated with COVID infection.

No exceptions will be made day-of due to our inability to validate alternative masks on site.


For extremely high risk individuals, we will be offering a livestream on Youtube.

The Common

Below is the approximate set-up of our activities on Boston Common. Please note the required Masking Areas

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