Jan 28 2023

Some Updates for 2023

The 2023 Boston Dyke March will be June 9th 2023!

Below, you'll find our 2022 Annual Report and what we have planned for this year.

Annual Report

We believe in being transparent with our community, since we know you trust us to spend the money you donate or spend on merch wisely.

Read all about what we did in 2022 in the 2022 Boston Dyke March Annual Report.

What we're planning:

For the 2023 March, we have big plans and we’d like your help making them a reality. Here’s what we’re planning for the year:

1. Increase Dyke Patrol to block Police from interacting with the March
As a committee, we believe that the community, not the police, keep us safe. Although we asked explicitly this year to remove police from our event, the city of Boston rejected our requests and the Boston Police department has failed to fulfill the simple requests we asked them to when working with our March.
As such, in 2023, we have set an explicit goal to recruit at least 100 Dyke Patrol members, who can form a physical barrier between Marchers and the police officers on site. If you’d like to get involved in this, email us or fill out our volunteer form.
2. Safeguard the future of the March by pursuing 501c status
The Boston Dyke March has been in existence for 27 years, but it’s increasingly expensive to put on, even as we run on extremely small budgets. To safeguard our committee members and the Dyke March’s assets, the committee is in the process of becoming an official 501c nonprofit.
In addition to providing some legal protections, 501c status will allow us to collect ongoing tax-exempt donations from individuals, reducing the burden on the organizing committee to come up with fundraisers to pay for the March. Potentially, it will also allow us to pursue grants that fund the March, allowing us to funnel some of the money that we raise at the March towards other organizations.
We’re interested in other ideas you have for what we could do if we increase our regular fundraising capabilities. We’d love to be able to give more money to other organizations doing crucial work in the community.
Even with this change to our legal status, the way that the committee operates day to day will not be affected - we will continue to follow a consensus decision making model with open meetings.
3. Continue to improve COVID/Disease Transmission protocols
Though much of society and government is encouraging us to move on, we believe that you cannot claim to be an inclusive organization if you do not center the needs of disabled and other high risk folks in this ongoing deadly pandemic. As such we are committed to learning from and improving our COVID (or other disease) transmission protocols. We’re starting with the following:
  • Improve the quality of our livestream, so that at-risk or currently ill people can participate in and enjoy our programming from the safety of their homes without risking their lives or the lives of others.
  • Plan better and more ways to identify and reinforce our masking zones. We want to ensure that everyone who enters them is offered a mask and reminded that masks are required to keep the community safe.

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