Jan 24 2024

The 2024 Boston Dyke March will be June 7th!

More details will come soon, but here's a few updates to hold you over:

First, we wanted to let you know that we've re-stocked the Fire Eating Shirt and re-opened the Merch store with other older designs. Get one while they last!

With the disassembly of Twitter, we've joined a few new social media sites.

You can now find us on Bluesky, Mastodon, and Threads.

After the 2022 March we set several ambitious goals. In service of these goals we:

  • Recruited and trained over 70 Dyke Patrol volunteers, which kept our attendees safe and created increased separation from the Boston Police
  • Became a 501c3, which will safeguard the future of the March for years to come
  • Purchased and handed out over 1000 KN95 masks
  • Refined our COVID policies and increased signage to clarify masking areas and keep attendees safe

Next year, to continue our improvements, we’d like to:

  • Improve training and coordination for Dyke Patrol and recruit even more folks!
  • Improve way-finding and signage at the March
  • Improve the experience for our tablers, who help pay for the March

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