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2016 Planning
Meeting Calendar

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Boston Dyke March Planning Meetings



The Boston Dyke March committee will be planning the 2015 Dyke March and fundraising events to support it now!!

Roll up your sleeves, slap on your bowties and join us for the Dyke March Committee meeting as we unify across dyke/queer/trans*/LGBcommunities to strengthen our visibility in Boston and beyond. Our consciousness advocates for issues regarding gender discrimination, anti-feminism, racism, homophobia and poverty, in relation to dyke/queer/trans*/LGB communities, as we host community events that fund the Dyke March and the Rally itself which occurs every June. The Boston Dyke March and the Rally is a march of thousands of dykes, people of ALL GENDERS, and friends, who march through the streets of Boston with our boots hitting the pavement. The March culminates in a celebratory rally in the Boston Common featuring the voices of musicians, artists, poets, and activists. The Friday before Pride weekend we take up literal space in the streets, sticking true to our long-term anti-corporate and anti-sponsorship roots. The Dyke March Committee, the movers and shakers who organize the march each June, is an inter-generational, multi-racial bunch of dykes, trans* people, gender queers, butches, bois, and femmes, to name a few. We are political, quiet, loud, thinkers, movers, sparkly, flannel-ed, fun, focused and smart - we work hard and have a lot of fun while we do it! Stick around for coffee or drinks in Davis after our meeting!

Please join our facebook and meetup sites to stay current with all our nnouncements...Help plan one of the country's largest and most progressive Dyke Marches and have a great time doing it. Meet new cuties and hotties and make new friends. The Boston Dyke March is a non-commercial, community-centered, grassroots, inclusive pride event. Come be a part of the action: plan fun events, network with cool people, build your resume, and help make the March what you want it to be.

Being on the Boston Dyke March Committee means you are involved directly
with the planning and organizing of the March through the year. The Boston
Dyke March Committee is made up entirely of volunteers and new people are
always welcome. No previous event planning experience is necessary, just
willingness to work hard and have fun.

The Dyke March is for everyone: Dykes, Lesbians, Queers, Bi-Folks,
Trans women, Trans men, Genderqueers, and Allies.

The Dyke March needs artists, writers, organizers, political activists, fun
social people, quiet detail-oriented people, techies, photographers,
handi-queers, inexperienced people who want to learn exciting new stuff,
experienced people who like the freedom of grassroots organizing,
fundraisers, shy people who like working in groups, rowdy people that make
everyone laugh, single people just looking for new hotties, partnered people
who love socializing, business types, academics, jack-of-all-trades. The
Dyke March needs you!

For more info

Website: www.bostondykemarch.com
Facebook: facebook.com/dykemarch
Meetup: http://lgbtfriends.meetup.com/186/
Email: dykemarch@gmail.com

New members are always welcome at every meeting, and there's always work to do. It is never too late to join in on the planning. If you are interested, please email us at dykemarch@gmail.com.

2012 Dyke March

Members of the 2012 Planning Dyke March Committee
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Members of the 2009 Planning Dyke March Committee