several white people holding torches as part of a fire eating ceremony. All are wearing black t-shirts. Photo by Kim Perrella taken at Boston Dyke Fest in 2021

Since 1995, the Boston Dyke March has remained committed to offering a non-commercial, intersectional, and fundamentally grassroots alternative to Boston’s Pride celebration. We strive to elevate voices marginalized in society and even within the lgbtq+ community.

The Dyke March tradition began with a 1993 demonstration by the Washington, DC Lesbian Avengers, and soon after independent Dyke Marches sprung up across the country. We are not merely a celebration, we are speaking up and fighting back to demand a better society.

Our top priority is to provide a dynamic and welcoming space for participants of all sexualities, genders, races, ages, ethnicities, sizes, economic backgrounds, and physical abilities. We strive to create a place where political and social change can be expressed and inspired.

We're committed to

  • queer liberation
  • intersectional gender liberation
  • grassroots organizing
  • anti-capitalism
  • community

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The Boston Dyke March is ASL interpreted, and wheelchair, stroller and scooter accessible. An accessibility vehicle is available for those who need a ride for some or all of the March.


Boston Dyke March

June 09 2023 6:30pm Parkman Bandstand on the Common

The Boston Dyke March is returning for 2023.


Boston Dyke March

June 10 2022 6:30pm Parkman Bandstand on the Common

The Boston Dyke March is returning to our regular format in 2022.

Boston Dyke Fest

Oct 2 2021 3pm Parkman Bandstand on the Common

First ever Boston Dyke Fest. Community, Music, Poetry, Fire Eating, and Solidarity. Everything but the March and now including masks!


Queers and queer allies, we need you! The Boston Dyke March is always looking for volunteers.

Volunteer Join the Committee
  • Dyke Patrol

    Dyke Patrol members walk along side the March. Their main job is to look out for the attendees and help to keep everyone safe. They will use de-escalation techniques when necessary and report any potential or ongoing problems to the Dyke March Committee Organizers.

    Training is required for Dyke Patrol volunteers.

  • Photographer/Videographer

    Photographers and videographers document the March so that we can all remember the event in the future. Their photos may be used on our website and social media with credit.

  • Fire Eater

    The Fire Eating Ceremony is a longstanding tradition at the Dyke March. It commemorates those in the community who have been lost to violence. It grew out of the tragic deaths of Hattie Mae Cohens and Brian Mock, who burned to death in Salem, Oregon after someone tossed a Molotov cocktail into the apartment they shared.

    Training is required to participate.

  • Stage Runner

    Stage Runners help the Stage Manager coordinate all the bands. They mostly need to track down performers and make sure they’re ready when it’s time for them to go on the stage.

  • Setup/Break-down/Uhaul

    The set-up/break-down crew helps with tents, tables, and other items that help us run the march.

    The U-Haul crew helps us get everything the Dyke March owns out of storage, on to the common and back again.

    Uhaul loading/unloading may require transportation to/from our Storage Locker in the Boston area.

  • Event Planning

    Event planning volunteers help us plan fundraisers, after-parties, or other events that help pay for the March, but occur other times during the year.

    Interested folks should email us to help plan an event.


Tabling is a great way to introduce yourself and your organization to the community while supporting the March

Tabling Info

Suggested Donation Scale

  • $20-50 Grassroots organization with a small budget
  • $60-150 Established organization with a medium budget
  • $200-350 Established organization with a large budget

Some of our tablers:

  • Logo of Bagly, the Boston Alliance of Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth
  • Logo of Pleasure Pie
  • Logo of Harbor Health
  • Logo of Mass NOW
  • Logo of the History Project
  • Logo of Remember Pleasure




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