Boston Dyke Fest

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Black and white image of a person playing electric guitar. White text on black background says Boston Dyke Fest. join us for community, music, poetry, fire eating and solidarity. everything but the march. Saturday, october 2nd at the boston common. Boston Dyke March logo. Background photo by Ben Collins on Unsplash

This year’s event will be everything but the March, but the Dyke March will return in its full form in 2022.

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July 9, 2021

Our statement on the dissolution of Boston Pride:

The Boston Dyke March was originally created in part as a radical response to the corporatization of Pride. As one of the organizations working with Pride for the People, a group formed by former Boston Pride volunteers to reform Pride, we are appalled but sadly unsurprised by the statement released today by the Boston Pride Board of Directors. Despite being offered every opportunity to be part of the solution, they have chosen to disassemble Boston Pride. Instead of working with community leaders to change leadership without disruption to the organization, they have chosen to close up shop, taking, as they go, resources given to Pride by the community.

The Boston Dyke March continues to support the members of our community calling for radical change, and hopes to support BIPOC and transgender community leadership to take charge of a new Boston Pride.

The Boston Dyke March is ASL interpreted, and wheelchair, stroller and scooter accessible. An accessibility vehicle is available for those who need a ride for some or all of the March.