2011 Boston Dyke March
Photo credit Ethan Bickford

May 25, 2021

Today marks a year since the police in Minneapolis murdered George Floyd.

We’d like to take some time to reflect on this moment, but first, we’d like to wish peace and healing for George Floyd’s family and all those who still grieve his loss.. Though Derek Chauvin was convicted in a rare display of the courts recognizing police violence for the wrong that it is, this outcome was not justice. Justice would be George Floyd alive and healthy, enjoying a long life with his family and loved ones. Every year at the Dyke March, we eat fire for those in our community that have been lost, especially those lost to the violence of those who hate us. We hope that all of us eating fire now and in the future will include George and the many other victims of police violence in their thoughts because there can be no justice until all of us are free.

Looking back at the past year, we saw and attended a great number of actions, protests, and marches to loudly proclaim that Black Lives Matter. We are inspired by the tremendous energy and support we have witnessed in our own community, and we see that passion beginning to bring change. Even though the voices crying out for change and justice are among the loudest they have ever been, the entrenched forces of carceral violence continue to bring harm to the marginalized in our communities.

Despite the COVID lockdowns, the police killed nearly 1000 people in 2020 and have already taken the lives of over 400 people in 2021, a rate which is consistent with past years and virtually unchanged since tracking began. We know that a disproportionate number of those killed are BIPOC, with the multiply marginalized even more likely to suffer violence. This violence must stop and it is imperative that everyone, particularly white people, take an active role in demanding that our government and those in power do better.

In Boston, we encourage you to contact your city councillor to ask that they join us in urging Mayor Janey to re-negotiate the city’s contract with the Boston Police Department’s Union, slash overtime pay, reign in BPD spending, and redirect funds to civilian programs that actually reduce violence.

The BPD has a long history of abusing protestors, protecting violent cops with assault records, and wasting city money on “overtime” that they didn’t even work, in addition to the regular harm they do to BIPOC and queer communities in the city. The police union is notoriously racist and homophobic and we shouldn’t be letting them dictate how the city spends it’s enormous $431 Million Dollar budget, especially when it’s members can’t even perform basic police functions, like solving at least half of all homocides.

On the anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, we firmly believe that we as a society can do better than murdering the marginalized among us. We also believe that doing better needs to start at home. Join us now in calling for more than the same old police “reforms” and asking our city government to protect its residents from violence at the hands of the state.

With Fire and Solidarity,

The Boston Dyke March Committee

The Boston Dyke March is currently postponed.

An update that will come as no surprise: due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Dyke March Committee has decided to continue to postpone the 25th Boston Dyke March.

We know this is difficult news for everyone who joins our ranks and takes strength from the community gathered at the Dyke March every year. It is clear, however, that there is no safe way to hold a mass gathering at this time. Until we can all be together in person again, we will find ways to be together in spirit, through acts of solidarity and through inclusive virtual events. We look forward to hosting and attending musical livestreams, brunching on video chats, and sharing ways to support each other in these turbulent times.

Be well and be undaunted. We will eat fire together again!

The Boston Dyke March is ASL interpreted, and wheelchair, stroller and scooter accessible. An accessibility vehicle is available for those who need a ride for some or all of the March.