2024 Boston Dyke March FAQ

What is the date of the March?

Friday, June 7 2024

Where does the March start?

The Boston Dyke March starts and ends at Boston Common at the Parkman Bandstand.

What time is the March?

  • 6:00pm Community tables open
  • 6:30pm Pre-March programming starts
  • 7:00pm The March kicks off
  • 8:20pm Post-March programming starts
  • 9:30pm Programming ends

How long is the actual March? Where does it go?

The March is 2 miles long and we have an accessibility vehicle at the end that is first come, first served for those who cannot walk/roll/etc the whole distance.

We don't publish the route for the safety of all Marchers.

How do I find the accessibility vehicle?

It will be parked past the porta potties on the way to Charles St. (see map below)

Reminder that you must wear the mask we provide in the accessibility vehicle.

Why do you require Masks?

We believe it is important to practice community care, harm reduction, solidarity with immunocompromised and high-risk folks in our community. Since the March gets very crowded, folks are in close proximity and air flow is inhibited, making airborne transmission of illnesses more likely despite being outdoors. Masking up mitigates the contribution of the March to community spread, helping us keep rates of COVID-19 and other illnesses low. It also makes the event more accessible to those who are immunocompromised, high-risk, or have loved ones who are. These folks have been excluded from so many queer events since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic, and we refuse to exclude them from the Boston Dyke March.

What kind of mask should I wear? Will some be available?

We highly recommend you wear an N95, KN95, KF94, or similar respirator mask, but any mask is better than no mask.

If you forget yours or need a replacement, look for Dyke Patrol in an orange vest. They will have a limited supply of KN95s available.

I need to eat and drink! Where can I take off my mask?

On the Common: you can take off your mask in the open areas outside our mask-required zone, where there is room to spread out. Our mask-required zone encompasses the circular rings of walkways around the Parkman Bandstand and the community tables (see map below).

On the March: we ask that you keep your mask on for the entire route of the March, but pulling it down for a few seconds to grab a sip of water is fine. If you need help stepping away from the March for a longer break, any member of Dyke Patrol can assist you.

What is the set-up on the Common?

2024 map.Stage is to right of bandstand. Areas within the circular walkway and down the walkway by Earl of sandwich are indicates as masking areas.There's a chill zone between Earl of sandwich and the tennis courts.Portable toilets are down the walk past Earl of sandwich

Who are your community tablers this year?

You can find a full list of our community tablers and their assigned locations here

Do you have lyrics for any of the songs?

Lyrics that were provided by the artists can be found here

Where can I find more detailed info about the event, performers, and policies?

You can find details about the 2024 March here.

Where can I watch the livestream

You can watch the livestream on Youtube

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